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Ale Vanzella Indie Bossa Nova
Ale Vanzella Indie Bossa Nova
Ale Vanzella Indie Bossa Nova


"What surprised me most in this work was the softness of Ale. I remember that João Gilberto appeared so, he opened an opportunity at the time. And Ale can open this new door." 

(Roberto Menescal, enterview to DCI Journal, São Paulo)





Singer, songwriter, guitarist,  drummer,  self-taught ALE VANZELLA met on their debut album, INDIE BOSSA (Albatroz Music, 2012), apparently distinct styles: Indie Rock and Bossa Nova, who gave a unique musical identity to the artist.

The album features compositions in English and Portuguese, Japanese bonus track, and brings participation ROBERTO MENESCAL, large icon of bossa nova, recognized in Brazil and worldwide.


*  Winner PRIZE AÇORIANOS Revelation

*  Winner TROPHY RBS TV (Rede Globo) Culture

*  "Indie Bossa" one of the 100 ALBUMS MOST IMPORTANT of Bossa Nova

*  Recommended BEST SHOW of Brazilian artist in JAPAN

*  One of the 52 album nominees for the best MPB album in the GRAMMY Awards

*  Single artist to participate in the Documentary FIFA WORLD CUP MAGAZINE

*  Participation in the international documentary BEYOND IPANEMA

*  Participation in the project and CD Jovens Tardes of REDE GLOBO

*  Participation in CD collection Bossa Lounge of ALBATROZ MUSIC

*  Especial guest at the album of portuguese antonio musician ANTÔNIO MÃO DE FERRO

*  Participation in the international documentary about Brazilian Music of E! ENTERTAINMENT

*  Winner PRIZE PALCO MP3 Most Visited Artist

*  Participation in the CIRCUITO CARIOCA DE BOSSA NOVA


After touring the USA, Japan, Europe and Brazil, released his second album, INDIE BOSSA II, by Movin Up Recors / Sony Musicwith musical direction of experienced RAYMUNDO BITTENCOURT, special guest master of Bossa Nova ROBERTO MENESCAL and guitarrist GRECCO BURATTO, executive management MICHELE VANZELLA and art direction ANDRÉ KOSTTA.


Following a season of shows and opening the stage for famous artists of MPB as GAL COSTA, IVAN LINS, TOQUINHO, BENITO DI PAULA and JOÃO BOSCO, Ale Vanzella releases live CD and DVD "UNPLUGGED IN SP" (Sony Music, Movin' Up Records and VEVO - 2015) with Direction and editing images by Rodolpho Cauhi, Artistic Director André Kostta, Executive Director Michele Vanzella, Mixing and Mastering Nico Bloise.


10 DEZ 15        RIO DE JANEIRO   CENTRO DA MÚSICA CARIOCA                                     19H                    

08 DEZ 15        RIO DE JANEIRO   OTTO MUSIC HALL                                                     20:30H  


25 JUL 15         SALVADOR            TEATRO RUBI (SHERATON)                                      20:30H  


24 JUL 15         SALVADOR            TEATRO RUBI (SHERATON)                                      20:30H


11 JUL 15         PORTO ALEGRE    FUNDAÇÃO ECARTA                                                        18H


08 ABR 15        SÃO PAULO            TOM JAZZ (Lançamento Indie Bossa II)                       22H


28 MAR 15       SÃO PAULO            CASA PETRA (Casa Moda Noivas)                                15H 


27 MAR 15       SÃO PAULO            TERRA DA GAROA (Abertura show Toquinho)            21H


27 MAR 15       SÃO PAULO            CASA PETRA (Casa Moda Noivas)                                13H 


25 MAR 15       SÃO PAULO            TERRAÇO ITÁLIA                                                               21H


18 MAR 15       SÃO PAULO            TERRAÇO ITÁLIA                                                               21H


16 MAR 15       SÃO PAULO            ALL OF JAZZ                                                                      22H


13 MAR 15       SÃO PAULO            TERRA DA GAROA (Abertura show Ivan Lins)             21H


11 MAR 15       SÃO PAULO            TERRAÇO ITÁLIA                                                               21H


04 MAR 15       SÃO PAULO            TERRAÇO ITÁLIA                                                               21H


25 JAN  15       RIO DE JANEIRO    QUIOSQUE DA REDE GLOBO                                          19H







+55 (11) 5071-9555 



+55 (11) 9 9198 6096

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